Saturday, January 06, 2007

Recent keyword activity...

... can sometimes, frankly, be rather disturbing.

Not so long ago, "excrement explosion" topped the list. Now if this were Scaryduck, I could understand that but the only time the word "excrement" has actually been used on this blog was in a comment made early last year and I had a heck of a time even finding that.

Second was "pokemon/misty sex." *ahem!* This was brought on by the last time I posted about keyword activity. Which means this post will only extend the cycle.

And subsequently:
my first ekg
answers to trivia
canuck tire universal engine coolant
wet paint sign photo - ebay

I checked keyword activity today and found a new, less startling, but equally puzzling list. The higher ranked ones make sense, more or less:

quidi vidi lake - Perfectly normal thing about which to enquire.

animator v animation - An excellent bit of animation.

dawn christmas - Um. Not sure how you equate the two, but okay.

2 crows joy - Looking for the poem, obviously.

mr trampoline man - Please, please, please tell me no one thinks that is truly the lyrics.

david morgan-mar - Who?

one of these days, alice - I understand this one. Probably someone not old enough to have seen "The Honeymooners."

mr trampoline man pictures - First, you get the lyrics screwed up, now you want pictures? Puh-lease!

wrathful people - And you wonder why...


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