Sunday, April 29, 2007

Press release

April 29, 2007 - Wrathcardipus Newswire Service

Cyberspace, April 29, 2007, 10:00 p.m. NST - The First Annual Canadian East Coast Blogmeet(TM), alternately known as the World's Smallest Blogmeet, scheduled for an undisclosed location on May 20, 2007, has been announced by Wrathcardipus Newswire Service, a subsidiary of the C. Elegans Conglorporation™, a joint Onterrible/Nofunland endeavour.

Designed to establish a mechanism whereby interested parties may enhance interactions between bloggers primarily located in Eastern Canada, visiting Eastern Canada, just passing through Eastern Canada, or even thinking about maybe, possibly some day, if they get that grocery packing job, getting sort of close to Eastern Canada on their way to anywhere else, the event is also open to bloggers worldwide.

Date May 20th, 2007
Time 1:00 AM-ish* Newfoundland Time (GMT -3 and a half hours. Yes really)
Location Eastern Canada
Duration Don't blink, you'll miss it!

Activities Aimless wandering in an as yet unnamed airport (hint: one step east and you get your feet wet), consumption of caffeinated beverages, gum flapping, perhaps a chorus or two of “Barrett’s Privateers,” some jiggery-pokery of a photographic nature, and possibly a 10-minute tour of some picturesque parts of Eastern Canada, in the middle of the night. It'll probably snow, too. (No it won’t, either. ~W.) Plz to note that no educational credits are awarded for attendance at this otherwise fine event.

Registered attendees currently include Wrath and Ricardipus. All other Bloggers are invited.** (plz to RSVP to Wrath or Ricardipus, and include the registration fee***).

Hope to see you there! (Optimists, us.)

*Do not think about removing the hyphen unless you can provide the appropriate headgear for all attendees.

**Plz to note that if anyone else shows up, status as World's Smallest Blogmeet may be compromised. Don't say we didn't warn you.

***registration fee to be negotiated, chocolate but we accept chocolate all kinds of gifts and chocolate.

Disclaimer No badgers or nematodes were harmed in the creation of this missive. All expenses to be assumed by the attendees. This offer may expire at any time. While every effort is made to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the information, documents, legislation, data or material (the "Information") available in this release, the Provinces of Onterrible/Nofunland assume no liability or responsibility for the completeness, accuracy or usefulness of any of the Information. Especially usefulness. No guarantees there, bud. I mean, c'mon. Are you serious? Useful? Leggo my leg, you kidder, you! Information (including any revisions and updates) in this release are provided solely for general public information purposes and is provided strictly "as is." In case of discrepancy between blog content and relevant worldwide legislation and regulations, the secretary will disavow all knowledge of anything and self destruct in 6 seconds. While every effort is made to ensure that all Information provided in this release does not contain computer viruses, human bacteriophage, nematode algae or badger flagellates, you should take reasonable and appropriate precautions, i.e. develop a Lady MacBeth complex very, very soon. May God have mercy on our souls. Batteries not included.

- 30 -

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Still spinning

March roared by in a blink and so far, April is moving at a similar pace. I feel like I'm in hell on acid. I leave Wednesday morning for a town 765 kms away to stage manage a play in a competition. Don't get back until Sunday. The choir sang a major work on Mar 30 & 31 (rehearsals for the 3 nights previous) the play we're taking to festival ran Mar 22 & 24 and leading up to that we had 5 rehearsals a week because we lost so many earlier in the winter due to blizzards. Got a free-lance job to do the layout for a theatre program for another theatre group (paying). It had to be to the printer on Mar 26. A long-term employee has retired from the office. They're not replacing her and my workload has almost doubled and the person whose duties I've assumed is too busy to help me because he's assumed the duties of the retiree. In any event, he's on vacation in the US right now. He booked it before we knew she was retiring. D2 has high school grad (much fuss). D1 has university grad (she's not going) but she is going. To Alberta later this month. To live. (That's 6,350 kms away for the non-Canucks.) While I'm glad she has the amibition and wherewithal to do so, I'm going to miss her terribly.
Gah. And argh. And shoot me now. If I'd known the changes at work were coming down the pike, I'd never have agreed to get involved in this play.

After Sunday things should calm down considerably. Either that, or I shall be shooting myself. Either way, I'll get a break!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Hope the Easter Beagle was good to you.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Slowing down

Okay, things have slowed down a bit again, for a while, (read 5 days) and now I don't know what to say here. It's funny how you get into the habit of blogging... or out of it. The last few months have been hell. Of a scheduling kind only, thank Heaven, nothing bad has happened but I have just feel so beleaguered and stretched to the breaking point, time-wise, that every time someone has asked me to do anything (even if it's reasonable) I feel like screaming, "WHEN???? WHEN AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THIS??? WHENNNNNNN???????"
Like if it's garbage day and I have to take those big, green bags ALL THE WAY TO THE END OF MY 1-1/2 CAR LENGTHS LONG DRIVEWAY. I'm sorry, people, but that's more than I can handle right now. I'm barely able to wrap my brain around the idea of being responsible for my own blinking right now.
And every time I miss a deadline or forget to email someone in time (which would also be missing a deadline. Of sorts.) I want to scream, "I TOLD you I'd forget!!!! Why did you leave this up to meeeeeeeee!!!??? WHYYYYYYYYYY?????????"
And then my head spins round and people look at me funny.
I think I need a vacation...
After next Sunday, all of my extracurricular events will be concluded until mid-May. I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing duing that time, which will free me up to blog. About... well... um... possibly nothing. So, status quo, then.
Oh. And this. HaloScan has dumped me and now I can't comment on any blogs that use it. Grrrrr...

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dervishly yours

Two down, one to go.
Help. Me.